the porch becomes the inspiring element, as the archetypal central element at the end of 19th century bucharest, a town full of merchants back then. the concept of the proposal is a simple one: a porch-roof solution. it proposes that the roof of the house would detach from the house in two phases and deconstruct […]

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ATTENTION: CONSTRUCTION SITE! “Entourage” means first socializing but also what we want to become and leave behind us into a big marriage with the future. we must take socializing on different layers as a positive game, first with ourselves. it is a game that helps us not being subordinated to some dogmas, it is a […]

the c.a.p.
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The Architecture Prize for social-cultural projects section of Architecture Annual, Bucharest 2014 Honorable mention at Romanian Building Awards concept house in a reprezentative area in bucharest apears as both a subject and an object, towards becoming a place of fashionable meetings and events. the new design approach dwells upon the classical facades of the […]