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the puzzle of innocence and truth the restaurant and the cafe, from the ordinary man’s view, is probably, the most common place for “socialization”. on investor’s opinion though the situation can not be that relaxed. the concept for the design of a restaurant and cafe based on success principles assumed to a certain desired customer’s […]

name: program: location: year: type: status: size (sqm): client:

The Architecture Prize for social-cultural projects section at Architecture Annual, Bucharest 2013 the monomial’s binomial the primary theme we received from the client was that of integrating the concept of an architectural object that would function as restaurant and club in the center of Constanta town on a plot neighbouring on one side the […]

the project has evolved out of a  traditional piece of furniture – „laiţa”- a simple and long bench made of wood and laid in front of the house, which has always accompanied Maramures region social life. „Laiţa” becomes the central and governing element of the square by offering to the city that social scene so […]