the project has evolved out of a  traditional piece of furniture – „laiţa”- a simple and long bench made of wood and laid in front of the house, which has always accompanied Maramures region social life. „Laiţa” becomes the central and governing element of the square by offering to the city that social scene so […]

it seems like a paradox for a city to have a great asset like the sea and not be able to touch it. water is still there but it has lost its predominance. partly to blame is the constant acceleration of urban development, prioritizing vehicles over people and industry over public space. in order to […]

a new development intervention on a marina bay should be memorable. a rock cliff is always a spectacular memento in itself. why should we not take the nature moment of Dobrogea’s cliffs in Constanta’s region and put it in real life? why shall we not have also a double promenade along Tomis Marina – uplifted […]