a new development intervention on a marina bay should be memorable. a rock cliff is always a spectacular memento in itself. why should we not take the nature moment of Dobrogea’s cliffs in Constanta’s region and put it in real life? why shall we not have also a double promenade along Tomis Marina – uplifted […]

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a new brand that is given a first dedicated space in Bucharest, Romania. it is the introduction of a gadget meant to represent an icon for a generation who wishes to reinvent itself and live healthier. technology and socialization were two determinant coordinates of the theme we received.  

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1st prize for the public contest “Planning the Bazar urban area in Iasi” one of the efficient methods of urban development process consists in capitalization of the existent ground sources which already have technical-urbanistic infrastructure and transport over the growth of intra-city. development of the immobile situated between the ramps of Nicolina passage in Iasi […]

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the project of expansion of the mall located in the most representative area of targu-mures set out from the very beginning to re-think a local routine of approach to “the novelty” in the local historical context. the approach to the recently opened first wing of the mall, to be supplemented by the construction proposed by […]