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one of the efficient methods of urban development process consists in capitalization of the existent ground sources which already have technical-urbanistic infrastructure and transport over the growth of intra-city. development of the immobile situated between the ramps of Nicolina passage in Iasi is pertinent, since it takes the advantage of the accessibility given by the […]

it seems like a paradox for a city to have a great asset like the sea and not be able to touch it. water is still there but it has lost its predominance. partly to blame is the constant acceleration of urban development, prioritizing vehicles over people and industry over public space. in order to […]

the c.a.p.
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The Architecture Prize for social-cultural projects section of Architecture Annual, Bucharest 2014 Read the news: concept house in a reprezentative area in bucharest apears as both a subject and an object, towards becoming a place of fashionable meetings and events. the new design approach dwells upon the classical facades of the building, while completely […]

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the project represents the revitalisation of a historical monument building in Bucharest that becomes an alternative cultural centre and office headquarters for a couple of companies. the contrast between the exterior shell and the interior world is the primary concept that nourishes this project. Published in:,,,,,

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our idea of a Luxury Night Club Hotel consists of an alternate reality where time and geographical location have no boundaries, where you can become anything you ever wanted as long as you dare to enter the DREAMscraper. by mixing the hotel accommodation facilities with the entertainment, relaxation and introspection opportunities the DREAMscraper turns into […]